• 04BF03DA-A216-4754-8D4F-6E4BF48691F6 Ceiling Systems

    USG in the Middle East is the regional most advanced ceiling solutions provider for the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
  • 04BF03DA-A216-4754-8D4F-6E4BF48691F6 Plasterboards

    Our plasterboards are the result of over 100 years of scientific experimentation and success. Cleaner, faster, and more easily handled by fewer workers.
  • 04BF03DA-A216-4754-8D4F-6E4BF48691F6 Substrates

    Compared to traditional wet wall solutions, our substrates are versatile and lightweight—thereby reducing installation costs while speeding up construction.
  • 04BF03DA-A216-4754-8D4F-6E4BF48691F6 Metal Framing

    Our selection of metal profiles and components makes it possible to build drywall and ceilings more quickly, precisely, and cleanly than with traditional techniques.
  • 04BF03DA-A216-4754-8D4F-6E4BF48691F6 Finishes

    With its vast ability to create solutions that meet your demands, USG ME boasts a wide choice of products for jointing and interior and exterior finishes compounds and solutions.
Innovative Solutions. Everytime.

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